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Deccan Freight Limited is known to be one of the most established Clearing and Forwarding Agents Kenya.
Clearing & Forwarding Agents acts like an intermediary between a shipper (person shipping or cargo owners) border control/ customs authorities and other logistics providers on chain supply logistics. Clearing and forwarding agents have proved to be a vital part of chain supply logistics.

Clearing and Forwarding Companies / Kenya Freight Forwarding Agents Simple Definition

To simply define clearing and forwarding companies / agents we can say that the clearing and forwarding agents companies are actually the third party logistics services providers handling and managing the operations of cargo shipment, or other words they are a party in facilitating an international supply chain logistics.

Clearing and Forwarding Company in Kenya

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Clearing and Forwarding Agents Companies in Kenya

It’s common we refer clearing and forwarding companies in Kenya and other Kenyan shipping logistics providers herein as Clearing & Forwarding Agents companies.

This page describes the services offered by Clearing & Forwarding Agents companies in Kenya and their day to day functions. Kenya’s Clearing & Forwarding Agents Companies or Customs agents are logistics experts with a very good knowledge of the state of the import-export customs clearance and are well informed of Kenya’s and east Africa common economy customs regulations governance.

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Cargo Clearing & Forwarding Company in Kenya

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